Micromagic wintercup KWV De Kaag

Zondag 28 februari 2016

Aangezien ik nog niet eerder een wedstrijd op de Kaag locatie had gevaren, leek het me wel een goed plan om hier de “Maiden-trip” van de nieuwe Micromagic V3 te houden.
Nadat ik de afgelopen weken flink gehobbied had om de boot vaarklaar te maken, was ik wel benieuwd.
Een mooie zon en een straffe wind voorspelden een leuke zeildag.
Het was met de auto even zoeken naar de juiste ingang voor de KWV De Kaag, Locatie Haven Oost.
Maar ik trof hier een prima zeil lokatie aan.
Voor koffie/thee en versnaperingen was ruimschoots gezorgd.

Over de races kan ik eigenlijk kort zijn: Zeer sportief en erg gezellig.
De lokale zeilers hebben zich kranig geweerd tegen het zeil geweld van de doorgewinterde micro zeilers.
Met (natuurlijk…) Elmer Boon als winnaar. Uitslag op Micromagic site
Al met al een evenement die op deze lokatie en met dit deelnemersveld voor herhaling vatbaar is.

Hoe verging het de 26?
Tsja, als je de loosplug niet vergeet waardoor je boot ineens 1,5kg weegt, best wel redelijk.
Materiaal pech met de juiste tuigage voor de omstandigheden dwongen me, om met een te klein tuig (C) en extra gewicht (2 accu packs), te vechten voor een aanvaardbare 7e plaats.
Gelukt zou ik willen zeggen.
Op naar het volgende evenement!


RC-Laser additional parts

A day full of rain and to much wind, left me to modify my RC-laser a little.

To prevent the loss of my rudder and keel, I made some small accessories.

For the rudder, I drilled a small hole in the top of the blade.
Bend a piece of steel wire and finished.


For the keel I followed an idea that I had seen at the last worlds in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

This will prevent of turning the lock on the keel.

Micromagic V3

It’s been a while, but after crushing my last remaining Micromagic V2 (Kantop->) and retiring the first V2 hull (wear and tear) it was time to build a new one.
So after the order was placed in Munich (DE) to look for a different production batch than sold in Holland, I could finally start last week with assembling the hull kit.

First impression was that the materials used for V3 are a bit heavier than the older kits.
Using the same principle of building as I used for the last models, It took me a week to get the hull bathtub ready.

An interesting thing is that the hull part is slightly longer than the deck part.

After a few more days, the new Micromagic V3 NED26 is now ready for action.
Weight: No compensation needed anymore! With standard A-rig: 862 gr.

Let’s find a nice venue for the maiden trip 😉


First RC-Laser regatta experience of the NED-26

Sunday 02-08-2015 was my first regatta experience in the #RC-Laser class.

At the same location as the Worlds previous this year, a moderate wind with a lot of shifts led me to a proper third spot at the end.
This behind the winner Klaas Spaargaren and Tjakko Keijzer. But before the rest of the more experienced laser sailors 😉



A nice preparation for the German Open next weekend.

Back on the water

After almost seven months of no RC-Sailing at all, I took my DragonForce back to the water.


Due to my back-hernia and my play role as Judas in Jesus-Christ-Superstar this Easter, no spare time for sailing was available.

After removing all the dust and repairing the items that were broken in the UK-Open 2014 (!!), I went on sunday morning for a training session with Tjakko at the Valkenburgse meer.
First hour I spend to get the feeling back and adjust the trim to match the speed of the 180.
The new A-rig of cat-sails perfomed very well and after two hours of fiddling around with all the trim possibilities, the speed was back.
Only the batteries needed to be replaced, so the order at rc-zeilen.nl was quicly placed.

Next sunday (26-04-2015) the match test will be at the Friesland Bokaal in Leeuwarden. An open RG65 venue.


ZwarteMagica NED-26

ZwarteMagica NED-26


A new Micromagic is build in the NED26 dock (updated 07-08-2014)


Suddenly after booking my flight and accommodation for the Spanish Championship and the European Championship in Los Nietos, I realized that my current Micromagic is almost 5 years old. Pretty old for a heavily used Micro over the years. As I still had some spare parts at home, collected over the past years, I decided to start the build of a new hull that would be strong enough for all weather conditions and travel. One of the requirements would be waterproof electronics… To tackle this item, I’ve ordered PlastiDrip. (applying this ‘drip’ will follow) For the Sail and rudder Servo I’ve chosen the SAVÖX SH-0255MG. Very good quality and strong I’m using this type already as rudder servo in my current Micro and Dragonforce.

UPDATE 7-aug-2014: 

The SAVÖX SH-0255MG is NOT suitable as Sail Servo!
After breaking down two (!) Servo’s, this one is really not strong enough.
As a rudder servo it is ok, so I’ll leave it installed as such.
I have to find another Servo for the sail part.
First candidate is the BlueBird BMS-380MaxMG. 6V-46 Ncm as been used in my ‘old’-RMM for years.
Second candidate is the Graupner C 5077 6V-50Ncm. 

IMG_20140713_175532017 The inner parts (servo trays) and reinforcements will be of carbon tube and cut out carbon sheet. Nicely to cut with a Dremel. IMG_20140713_144655054IMG_20140713_144828264IMG_20140713_175512703 The glue to be used for the construction pats that will absorb the most load will be Pattex Stabilit (now UHU Plus Acrylit). The rest will be chemically welded with Acetone. Eye’s and hooks will be made of brass-wire. To withstand the Saltwater conditions. To fit the standard keel better, I added a little strip of ABS with Acetone between the two parts of the fin box. This widens the box a little. IMG_20140712_143122704 For now that’s all. I’ll update the build log when the next parts will be added. UPDATE: Carbon cutting has finished: IMG_20140714_214025 The cutting tool: IMG_20140714_211603341   Update 2 – The PlastiDip The photo’s speaks for themselves. IMG_20140717_215245704 IMG_20140717_215342267 IMG_20140718_112304843 IMG_20140718_113122635 And finally the Receiver:IMG_20140718_114414963 Next step: glueing the fin box. Therefore i fixated the building mould level with a laser cross hair. Then fixed a carbon mast in the fin box and a carbon tube in the rudder position. Lined all up and added the Stabilit. Now let it rest for a while….. IMG_20140719_131219811 IMG_20140719_132311410   Water test under supervision of sesamestreet… IMG_20140719_151907333   Glueing the rest of the internals: IMG_20140720_101548345 IMG_20140720_113516436 PlastiDiping the Savox servo’s: IMG_20140720_101454567     It’s time to glue the hull and deck together. Strange  thing happened: a part of the hull at the nose section appeared to be very thin and created some sort of bubble….. It took me some time to correct this, but it’s not like the original. We’ll see how it performs.  IMG_20140726_114936959

My son decided that the deck print of just white is a little to dull, it started with a Black pencil but soon red and blue markers came along. Result: an unique deck print for good luck 😉 IMG_20140726_101203900 IMG_20140726_102307395


So the final stage has arrived.

Fitting the electronics, sheeting, rudder, ‘old keel’ (new one is still not finished)

And ready for the “Maiden Trip” wednesday evening at Krimpen.

IMG_20140729_225145851 IMG_20140729_225242514 IMG_20140729_225358982 IMG_20140729_225110677


Wednesday 30 July was planned for the maiden trip.

So now the fine tuning can start.



The first test were interesting, as the boat speed could be better.
Sailing with the 717 / 1 / 1734 and 40 was somewhat in the middle of the results.
To get more control and a more stable handling I added some 66gr extra weight on top of the 66gr 5xaaa battery.
Well that improved a lot. Sadly half way during the evening my receiver broke down 😦 , a trip in the rowing rescue boat followed.

After returning home, I weighed the boat. result: WAY UNDER THE MINIMUM WEIGHT!

Class Rules:
2.0 Weight of sail ready boat :

2.1 The minimum weight of a sail ready boat is 860 grams

My boat sail ready with A-rig without battery: 756gr !!!

Some correction weight had to be mounted………




Some informative info before starting with the keel:

Class Rules:

3.6 The keel inclusive of the lead ballast may not extend farther than 135 mm from the hull.
3.7 The keel must be removable.
3.8 The filling, fairing and painting of the keel, ballast and rudder is permitted.
3.9 The ballast must maintain a circular cross-section along the entire length.
3.10 The weight of the keel assemblies (see appendix 1) shall not be less than 380 grams and not more than 420 grams.

3.13 The minimum distance between the leading edge of the keel and the front of the ballast shall be, 25mm for MKII – part 2014.4

Point 3.10 gives me some room for experimenting together with the low weight of the hull.


And finaly the keel :



Update 07-aug-2014:

Well that was another rainy and windy evening with the micro……

As a result, my Sail Servo broke down (read top of post) and my Futaba 6EX transmitter stopt working: No 2.4GHz signal.
The 2.4GHz signal led on the back doesn’t light up anymore.
Does anyone out there has a clue?
Are there 2.4GHz replacement boards available?

I think you can say that moist is not really a friend of electronics.
The first serious hit of water it received two months ago at the UK-RG65 Open. Although in a rain cover after a whole day in heavy rain, the moist has taken it’s tole.

So let’s find replacement parts or someone who can repair my transmitter.
Otherwise a new one has to be bought 😦


A new servo is mounted.

Old boat setup :


New boat setup :




RG65 and Dragon Force UK Nationals 2014

After returning from a interesting venue with my Dragon, I have to say that Dragonforce65 is a very good performing RC-Sailboat.

The results of the Open RG65 class:


1. Agustin Moreno – ARG-77
2. John Tushingham – GBR-51
3. Mark Dicks – GBR-06
4. Tobi Laux – SUI-161
5. Cliff Thiel – GBR-02

We didn’t manage to be at the price ceremony due to the fact that we had to catch our ferry back home again.
Buzz Coleman (GBR-12) won the Dragon Event. He was flying. Making hours on the water with this new design really payed off.
I came as 13th overall. Not bad for the first time, still at the top half 😉

A real difficulty I found was to get the trim right. But that’s just the trick of the game.
And so my conclusion of this venue is that the Dragonforce65 is a VERY GOOD one-design class that put sailors really to the test!

A little note to Dragon Sailors: please order a set of spare Sail winches and masts… they tend to break easily under the stress of a full event.

YouTube Report

If there is a possibility to organize the Euro Champs in the Netherlands in 2015, It should be a separate fleet event: Open RG65 and Dragonforce65.
Thing was that in a one fleet event with HMS (4 up / 4 down) and a A group with 9 OpenRG’s and 6 or 7 Dragons, the Dragons almost every time had the last 4 spots. That puts good sailors in a Dragon a lot of times in a switch from A to B to A to B etc.etc.

I hope the Dragons will get a Dutch winter competition this year (Who will organize this??????) that involves a lot of newcomers and experienced sailors.


Tjakko – NED180


Marcel – NED26


Rob – NED19