Open Dutch RG65 Championship in Blokzijl

In a very nice scenery of the old inner harbour of Blokzijl, the 2013 RG65 championship was held.


With this year the introduction of the RG65-DragonForce. In a field of 24, 10 Dragons were present.
The big challenge this year was the strong and shifty wind (force 5, with gusts 7).
And of course, would the Dragon be able to stay in touch with the other Open RG65’s.

The fleet of 24 was randomly divided into two groups. Both groups had to sail an olympic course.
And at the same time over two separate courses. After 4 races the groups switched courses for the next four races.
To surprise of all Open RG65 Sailors, the Dragons performed above expectations.
After the first 8 races, Tjakko with the 81 (B-rig) was in first position and the 26 (A-rig and after some damage B-rig) in second position.
On the 4th place was the first demo-Dragon (thanks to Rudi of RCZEILEN.NL).

The best sail suit for the first part of the day was B-rig. Even with this rig a nose-dive in big gusts were seen a lot.
After the lunch the complete fleet was divided into two groups: Gold and Silver (12-12).
Now the wind was eased up a little so the OpenRG’s had a little advantage, but still the Dragons performed very well.
Tjakko did sail a few first places seconds and thirds. So our expectation was that a BIG surprise was in the air!
My boat did suffer some damage with a broken mast stub of my B-rig and a drowned sail winch……..

This just before the start of the first afternoon race.
So I had to resign from competition 😦
I think a will look for a quality alternative for the standard sailwinch…….

Also 8 races were sailed in the afternoon and we all headed to the local pub for the end results.
1st place: NED99 – Norbert Horsthuis (openRG)
2nd place: NED64 – Dirk Jorna (openRG)
3rd place: NED81 – Tjakko Keizer (DragonForce)


The local television station also did a report on the event

The final conclusion we could make of this day was that: THE DRAGON HAS ARRIVED!!!

I hope that this event was the start of a good integration between the two versions of the RG65.


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